Liquidity Meets Safety

A customizable marketplace for risk hedging contracts



Security professionals, Project teams and liquidity funds can create their own insurance pools and policies with flexible durations, premiums, and payout conditions.


Digital asset holders

Digital asset holders will have a wide range of protection policies to choose from. Smart contact protection, de-pegging, slashing, insolvency, even real-world events.


Capital providers

The leverage design drives multiple policies’ premiums and incentives into one collateral pool, producing high yields for liquidity.


Protected Asset Types


Policies Issued


Payouts till date

Case studies

You’re liquidity fund

Launch multiple policies to cover your portfolio and protect your liquidity from smart contract hacks.

You’re security auditor

Grow your business by launching protection policies for your clients, while earning yield from users seeking extra protection.

You’re ecosystem foundation

Attract liquidity and users by hosting an insurance pool to protect popular assets.

You’re project team

Create your own protocol insurance fund to expand your company while mitigating losses by luring in collateral.


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